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Build Your Tribe Box

Goal Countdown Sticky Notes

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Dreaming about big goals? These sticky notes are the perfect motivation to accomplish them!

Think of a big goal you have and break it down into obtainable numbers, then put them on a mirror or a wall that you see every day so that you can be reminded of your goals and the progress you've made. As you complete each milestone, you'll take down a sticky note.

Start the countdown on your journey to achieve your dreams!

Ex: Going for 10,000 in Team Sales? Put up a sticky for every 500 and remove as you hit each milestone. Want 10 new business partners this month? Put 10 sticky notes numbered 1-10 where you can see them and remove one each time you enroll a new business partner! In qualification for an incentive trip? Break down the requirements and track your progress!

Record a video each time you remove a sticky and put it on your Instagram Stories to show your audience you are doing big things!